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Sub-Committee 3/B/3 Meeting - October 26, 2009


Central High School

Committee Members:

Linda Rice
Sarah Files
Kashina Bell
John Steffen
Randee Steffen
Kate Sprague
Wally Flick
Gary Mazzola

Agenda Items

Analysis of Middle School and High School student tech demo data.

Actions Taken

  1. Analyze data
  2. Discuss findings
  3. Summarize and come to consensus regarding interpretations of the data


The purpose of this meeting was to begin analysis of the data sources that were identified in our needs assessment. The first task was to analyze student survey data from middle and high schools. After analysis and discussion, we came to conclusions listed below:

1)     What is your interpretation of the data?

·       Technology is important to the students

·       Students are reasonably tech literate

·       Students felt that Tech devices helped their learning (participation, interest, understanding, and efficiency)

·       Students want more technology for classroom use


2)     Are there any surprises or things that stand out from the data?  What caused these or why do you think these occurred?

·       Almost all of our students have computers and internet access at home

·       Lack of Classroom Websites  -  Math especially

·       Document Cameras- students don’t see the value in them.  We felt that this might be more of a teacher tool rather than a student tool


3)     What conclusions do you gather from the data and what possible action plans could you propose?

·       Students want more technology

·       What do students want?

a)      What technology

b)     Online books?

c)      Paperless?

·       More subject specific development for teachers

·       Students looking for more access to collaboration – while staying human.

·       Students want more access to their teachers


We talked about setting up a night to invite students to be a part of the discussion.


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