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Sub-Committee 3/D/2 Meeting - October 26, 2009


Central High

Committee Members:

Jo Ann Miles, Jason Rooks, Diana Stewart

Agenda Items

1. Review data collection sheet & status of assignments. 

2. Review past survey information.

3. Discuss survey needs: (Parent, staff, community)




4. Set next meeting date - November 10 or 12? @ 6-7:15 p.m., Admin. Building

Actions Taken

1. Members, especially those unable to attend, are asked to review and provide feedback on NSPRA info from Janet, Jo Ann's communication standards matrix, and draft of potential survey questions (sent by e-mail 10/26 & 10/27). What do we really need to get from our survey? What will we do with the results? How will we evaluate our publications/electronic communications?

2. Prior to next meeting, we need to confer with assessment/program evaluation staff regarding survey software, design, sample needed, delivery method and security issues. 

3. Diana will get with Melissa on parent survey questions and send something out to the committee to review. Also need to meet with Shannon Burger and Jason to talk about employee survey questions.

4. With only 3 attending, did not set meeting date.  It will be either Nov. 10 or Nov. 12 at 6 p.m.  Next All Committee meeting Nov. 16.



We focused on three main areas: 

1. We reviewed a communication standards matrix designed by Jo Ann that will guide us in evaluating most of our 20 print and electronic communications. The matrix presents five characteristics for judging whether a piece is: transparent; timely; represents most/all students; thorough/accurate; and graphically appealing/user friendly.  In addition, each product will be reviewed for its contribution to mission in one of three ways: engages community/fosters trust & credibility; leads to a more vibrant growing district; and engages parents as active participants in learning.  Team members and personal interviews, data from NSPRA audit and surveys of parents & staff will be used in the evaluation. 


2. The second focus area was Jan’s summary of key comments made by participants in the December 2007 focus groups about the various communications vehicles. These will help in developing our parent survey on communications and in completing our standards matrix.


3. The third item addressed was developing our survey. We reviewed a compilation of communication-related questions from a variety of opinion surveys conducted since 1992, and discussed our audience and type of survey we want to conduct. We agree an online survey for parents and staff is best, and would like to coordinate our efforts with other groups to avoid saturating our audiences and to maximize participation. Assistance from program evaluation and assessment experts is needed, as well as exploration of how to keep persons from doing the survey more than once and ensuring only those with a valid e-mail address in our database can complete the survey.


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