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Sub-Committee 3/B/3 Meeting - September 21, 2009


Central High School

Committee Members:

Agenda Items

Review final draft of needs assessment.

Actions Taken



The group reviewed the draft of the needs assessment for focus area 3b, subcommittee 3. The following is the list of items that the group sent forward to Project Parkway as our needs assessment:

What Classroom Devices Help Facilitate a Transfer of Knowledge When Students Are Learning the District’s Curriculum

What data will be collected to reveal current reality?


  • What level are all of our classrooms?

  • Student Tech Demo data

  • Teacher Tech Demo data

  • Current Inventory

  • What are other Districts doing with visually interactive equipment?

  • Baseline data

  • Tech Proficiency data

  • Development data for teachers

  • Grapplings data

  • Teacher web site

  • Online Classrooms

What types of technologies are utilized the most at certain grade levels? Subject area?

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