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Sub-Committee 2/B/2 Meeting - September 21, 2009



Committee Members:

Scott Bollmann, Sheryl Breadman, Walt Hilgendorf, Mimi Holder, Bill Senti

Agenda Items

1. Review Mission and our Subcommittees connection to Mission

2. Review Project Parkway Goal 2, Focus Area B caring, safe school environment survey responses (all levels).

3. Analyze Project Parkway Goal 2, Focus Area B caring, safe school environment survey responses (all levels).

4. Introduction of Middle level Climate Survey results.

Actions Taken

1. Review and Analyze Climate Survey results (all levels)

2. Aquire more specific caring, safe school environment information from schools.

3. Review District Discipline/referral data.


As we Reviewed and began analysis of the caring, safe school environment survey responses (all levels), we looked for answers to the following:

-What are commonalities found and ultimately a snapshot of current realities with regard to programming in place in all Parkway Schools “for stemming violence, bullying and drug abuse among our students”.

-What is programming is guaranteed at each individual level?

-What is programming is guaranteed to each Parkway graduate?

It was clear that there is programming focusing on violence, bullying and drug abuse in all of our schools- but that it looks very different in each school. Violence, bullying and drug abuse are addressed through stand alone programs, through counseling departments, third party programs brought into schools, and the health curriculum. While it is good that schools take individual approaches to best serve the needs of the building community, we need a way to ensure a certain level is met district wide. The observation was made that the level of programming is highest at the Elementary level and lowest at the High School level. The observation was also made that few parents are aware of how much programming is actually in place in the schools with regard to violence, bullying and drug abuse. We ended the meeting by reviewing district middle school climate survey results.

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