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Sub-Committee 2/A/3 Meeting - September 21, 2009


Parkway Central High School

Committee Members:

Beth Wendling

Melinda Davis

Jean Manning

Michael Barolak

Representative Sue Allen

Kim Dressel

Agenda Items

1. Explanation of Alternative Programs in Parkway

2.  Introductions

3.  Set Norms

4. What Data do we need to answer our question



Actions Taken

Beth Wendling will meet with John Barrow and Michael Barolak to refine data collection process.


Subcommittee 3 met together with Subcommittee 4  while Michael Barolak, the Coordinator of Discipline and Alternative Programs, spoke to both groups to explain our discipline policy and the alternative programs that exist in Parkway.  We had previously given our subcommittees the link on the Parkway website that defines these programs.  Michael explained Parkway's discipline policy, the four programs: ADC, PACE, REACH adn Missouri OPTION as well as Fern Ridge, Parkway's alternative high school.  http://www.pkwy.k12.mo.us/altprograms/index.cfm

After Michael spoke, the two subcommittees split into their respective groupings.  Subcommittee 3 set their norms for the group and then addressed their question, "How do we know when students are not being successful in their social/emotional/behavioral development?"


Be honest

Respect confidentiality

Be non-judgmental

Assume good will

Stay focused on the task at hand

The subcommittee generated a list of possible data to be explored.  This list can be found on our "needs assessment" link.


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