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Sub-Committee 3/B/3 Meeting - August 18, 2009


River Bend Elementary

Committee Members:

John Steffen

Wally Flick

Kris Schulz

Kate Sprague

Kashina Bell


Agenda Items

Discuss current reality.

Actions Taken

A list of needs assessment items will be put forward for the Sept. 21 meeting.


Goal 3 Current Reality Data


  1. What do we currently have? (What do our classrooms look like?)
    Current Inventory
    Projections for next 3 years
    Level of Visually Interactive Classrooms
    How do we sustain and keep up to date?

  2. How do we meet the goals of the mission and what do we need?
    Student Tech Demo survey – Align with mission statement goals
    Bring students into our group
    Tech Demo teacher survey and input
    TFC Feedback

  3. How do we know we’re using it effectively?

    - When do students learn these tech items?
    -  Examine development with teachers and the results.

  4. What are other schools doing?
    NET Day Survey (Project Tomorrow)
    Meet with other tech coordinators

  5. Web items
    Study of online and face to face learning and the blend of both.

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