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Sub-Committee 2/A/1 Meeting - September 21, 2009


Central High - Project Parkway Meeting

Committee Members:

Shauna Craig, Sharon K. Gray, Mead Gruver, Julie Harrison, Kim Hron-Stewart, Mary Hubacher, Tim McCarthy, Diana Schumacher

Agenda Items

  • Review the question before the subcommittee
  • Review the conceptual framework of the multi-tiered intervention model used to focus the work of the subcommittee
  • Update subcommittee members on the work of the group to date as it relates to our review of Missouri Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) relevant to meeting the social / emotional needs of students in various content areas
  • Identify / come to consensus on next steps in preparation of the September 28 subcommittee report to the PP Steering Committee

Actions Taken

  • Brief review of the subcommittee's focus and the conceptual framework used to guide our work (Tim McCarthy)
  • Review the structure of Missoure GLEs and the importance of our analysis state standards for our work as a subcommittee (Tim McCarthy, Julie Harrison, Mary Hubacher)
  • Reach consensus on subcommittee's path of study: analysis of state standards, review of Parkway's Online Curriculum Guide for evidence of alignment in relevant areas (Consensus = Guidance, Health / PE, Social Studies, Fine and Peforming Arts, Early Childhood / To Receive Additional Consideration = Communication Arts), identification of additional efforts in schools / programs to meet social / emotional needs of students
  • Subcommittee members were assigned a content area and asked to review GLEs / CLEs for that content area (Harrison / Hron-Stewart - Guidance Counseling, Harrison / McCarthy - Health / PE, Finnestead / Gray - Fine and Performing Arts, McCarthy / Gruver - Social Studies, Hubacher - Early Childhood, Craig / Schumacher - Communication Arts). Members will then review Parkway's curriculum for that content as articulated on the Online Curriculum Guide (OCG) looking for artifacts useful in documenting Parkway's efforts to meet the social / emotional needs of students within the core curriculum and in a manner in line with Missouri's GLEs / CLEs.


The subcommittee met for approximately 75 minutes as part of the Project Parkway meeting.  After introductions (new members were present) Tim McCarthy provided a brief review of the subcommittee's task and the conceptual framework used to guide our work.  Tim, Julie Harrison, and Mary Hubacher provided a review of relevant Missouri GLEs / CLEs for the content areas engaged in supporting students' social / emotional development at the core level. The group then discussed the path of study established by the committee to this point.  Consensus was reached to maintain the path of study as established (review of state standards in relevant content areas [inclusion of Communication Arts is To Be Determined], analysis of Parkways Online Curriculum Guide for alignment to standards, identification of additional efforts by school programs to meet the social / emotional needs of students)

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