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Sub-Committee 1/A/4 Meeting - September 21, 2009


Central High School

Committee Members:

Denise Pupillo, Jan Burroughs, Pam Hausfather, David Smart, Kim Bay, Gary Hall

Agenda Items

The subcommittee discussed the roll up of the MOSAICS Academy program to West Middle School and West High School and the feasibility of expanding the IB program/philosophy as a pilot for the feeder schools. Below is a synopsis of our findings thus far:


What would be the benefits of bringing IB to Parkway? Data we already know:


Aligns nicely with 21st Century Skills (see link)



Promotes a student-centered education, critical thinkers, international-mindedness, students who are responsible for their own actions, as well as students who care about social action (service learning piece)


Is project-based, internationally charged, thematic, and integrates curricula ("trans disciplinary")


Promotes great character building for students to be responsible global citizens.


Understanding by Design philosophy and methodology is embedded in the PYP and in the MYP programs


MYP and DP can be open to all students; so not exclusive to gifted kids; impacts the whole school by trickling down


Can give parents/students more choice; having both IB and AP avenues can benefit more students.


Since the MYP can go from 6th through 10th grade, it forms a nice bridge (continuity) between middle school and high school


IB Program serves to standardize (not clone) the curriculum both vertically and horizontally

Actions Taken

What data do we need to collect?                

Cost analysis

How do we figure out the dilemma of IB in one school if we decide to pilot this as a district?

Need to contact school districts that have implemented IB in only one school rather than all four / five?

Fern Ridge comparison???




Specific Quantitative Data that is available for us to analyze

PEGS DATA – cost

IB historical information

Renowned worldwide

Student achievement Data

ACT scores/college admissions/national merit/ SAT data

Specific Qualitative Data that could be studied:

Visit Lindbergh and Metro and observe students/teachers

·        School climate

·        Engagement

·        Benefits all kids

Continue investigating other IB schools

Continue with IB training for those involved in the MOSAICS Academy and continue dialogue with all staff


Our subcommittee meeting began with a brief overview of the MOSAICS Academy for Exceptionally Gifted Students. This program was initiated in the 2007-2008 school year and began serving Parkway’s exceptionally gifted in grades 1-3 in the 2008-2009 school year. The program, which is housed at Pierremont elementary is a district program and now currently serves 24 students from across the district in grades 1-5.  The characteristics of exceptionally gifted students were also shared with the subcommittee so that all would be familiar with the unique educational needs of this population of students.


A brief overview was then shared regarding the IB program and the fundamental design of the program and its’ components. The group learned that the IB Primary Years Program was studied and used as a foundation for curriculum development in the MOSAICS Academy.

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