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Sub-Committee 2/C/2 Meeting - September 21, 2009


Parkway Central High

Committee Members:

Group Membership (Sean Doherty – Leader)

    • Susan Megargle
    • Charletta Taylor
    • Kim Priest
    • Abrahatzion Habtu
    • Scharma Banks
    • Amy Meier
    • Sharon Hach
    • Sara Moulder
    • Stephanie Greiner
    • Rebecca Tobias


Agenda Items

What plan will be developed to ensure that our students and adults understand and accept all members of our diverse population?


  • Introduce new members 
  • Review norms for the group
  • Review of Previous Meeting:

Next steps for each sub-committee:

-          Determine what data could be collected to reveal current reality

-          Current Ideas:

  • o        Audit each school to determine best practices already being used in terms of diversity…what schools have peer support groups, conflict resolution programs, and student mediation programs.  Possible questionnaire to administrator using checklist for data

    o        Examine the student climate survey data generated by the district to look for patterns by populations

    o        Examine student suspension data based on gender, grade level, special needs, and ethnicity.  Determine correlation with proactive programs.

    o        Examine curricula to determine if content and literature reflect the student population

    o        Audit the training provided by the district in terms of diversity training.  Is it reaching all teachers?  What are potential parent training programs?

    o        How are SSD staff, general education teachers, and administrators trained to reach a diverse population?

    o        What are those “hidden services” provided by SSD that are not made available until there is an issue?

  • Examine the question/Determine focus

  • Starting with the end…
    • What would it look like if Parkway was a district where students and adults accept all members of the diverse population?

  • Data Collection
    • Surveys
    • Researching current structures
    • Observations in schools
    • Mini-audits

  • New Learning
    • Window and Mirror

  • Develop Comprehensive Timeline
    • Data collection
    • Assignments for the group members
    • Methods for reporting data

  • Emerging Questions/Closure

Actions Taken

  • Data Collection – What data will be collected to reveal current reality of our subcommittee question?
    • Personal Interviews
      • Students, Teachers, Parents, Administrators, Curriculum Coordinators, Special School District
      • see sample interview
    • Mini-Audit/Survey of Schools
      • Calls/e-mails/visits to administrators asking about diversity awareness programs, student leadership, peer mediation, professional development
      • School visits
        • Random conversations with students
        • Getting a feel for the school
        • Observations – culturally responsive classrooms, differentiation 
    • Analyzing Current Data for Patterns
      • Climate survey
      • Achievement data for schools
      • Suspension data
      • Attendance
  • Summary

    Project ParkwayGoal 2/Focus Area C/Subcommittee 2




    Subcommittee Question: What plan will be developed to ensure that our students and adults understand and accept all members of our diverse population?


    • Starting with the End in Mind – What would it look like/sound like if Parkway was a district where students and adults accepted all members of the diverse population? (the following are the responses generated from the group)
      • Attendance rates would be consistent for all students
      • Hear dialogue about diversity with a lack a fear
      • Sense of positivity felt and heard throughout district
      • The would be new learning about diversity and the staff would be challenged to faces issues about diversity
      • Students would see themselves in the curriculum
      • The achievement gap would be closed
      • Parents/Students would learn about the varied cultural calendars
      • Celebrations about varied cultures – learning experiences for all students
      • Fewer assumptions would be made about groups of people…race, gender, ability
      • The faculty of the district would reflect the learning community

    • Dialogue/Sharing – The group was then asked to rate Parkway in terms of how close it is to being a district like the one described above in a scale from 1 to 5 (1 being disagree and 5 being agree).  From the sharing, it was clear the group had different perspectives based on their experiences with the district.  Like our small group, there are varied perspectives among the stakeholders (students, parents, teachers) of Parkway about acceptance of all members in its diverse population.


    • Develop Comprehensive Timeline
      • Next Meeting – October 5th, 2:30pm, Green Trails Elementary
        • 170 Portico Drive, Chesterfield, MO  63017 (Portico is about a ¼ mile east of Olive off of Ladue Rd.)
      • Assignments for group members distributed
      • Date collection deadlines established

    • Take-Away Article
      • Window and Mirror

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