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Sub-Committee 1/B/1 Meeting - September 21, 2009


Central High

Committee Members:

Shelly Allison

Amy Brunig

Cari Davis

Byron DeLear

Deborah Hooper

Lindley James

Mary Jermak

Elsie Rafferty

Sarah Wilson

Aaron Unell

Carole Granger

Kevin Beckner

Agenda Items

-Identify our present understanding of Differentiated Instruction and Depth of Knowledge

-Small group discussions around what a differentiated class looks like, and what a non-differentiated class looks like

-Small group discussions to generate possible ways to gather data to determine present reality of differentiated instruction

-Open discussion of possible data collection instrument for classroom visits

-Closure: next steps

Actions Taken

-Generated list of indicators of differentiation

-Generated possible data points for differentiation

-Clarified need for discussion to continue outside the meeting (discussion threads now available on the Moodle at  http://parkwaypd.org/mod/forum/view.php?id=2015)


At this meeting we spent time discussing what differntiated instruction is and what it looks like (and what the absence of it looks like) in order to come to a common understanding of this topic.  After doing so we spent time generating ideas about how we might be able to get information about our current reality in terms of differentiation.  Ideas included: classroom visits; survey of students; interviewing/surveying principals; examining the Parkway curriculum; studying Parkway policies specific to acceleration; reviewing the Parkway grading system in light of the need for differentiation.  We then spent some time looking over a rough draft of a possible data collection document for classroom visits.  We concluded with committee members agreeing that we need to continue our conversation and our work outside of our monthly meetings, and that we would try to do so online.  Discussion topics are now available at http://parkwaypd.org/mod/forum/view.php?id=2015 (registration required). 

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