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Sub-Committee 2/B/3 Meeting - September 21, 2009


Central HS

Committee Members:

Ron Ramspott (Health/Physical Education Coordinator)
Keri Lee (Craig Nurse)
Marlene Pfeiffer (District Dietician)
Mary Brauninger (Parent)
Lisa Harnacker (Health Services Director)

Agenda Items

  • Sub-committee update
    • Recommended data collection for needs assessment due Sept. 28.
  • Review documents – SHAC Surveys, Parkway School Wellness Profiles, Parkway Fitness Scores, MO Youth Combined Survey
  • Group discussion - How will we know the effectiveness of school health teams? How will our efforts support district mission? How will our efforts help build a better Parkway?
  • Future meetings

Actions Taken

  • Notes from group discussions
    • Website with sub-committee documents (www.pkwy.k12.mo.us/wellness)
    • Needs assessment considerations
      • short-term v. long-term. 
      • program data v. student data
    • Should BMI be used as legitimate measurement of overweightness?
    • The state of Arkansas and Naperville School District have been successful at lowering BMI scores. 
    • Connections to district mission
      • Healthy kids are better learners
      • Overweight kids can have lower confidence and self-esteem
    • More parent education and outreach programs should be provided to community
    • Food & Beverage Act may already regulate vending machines in schools
    • Recent legislation (SB291) identifies physical activity requirements for elementary (150 minutes/week) and middle school (225 minutes/week).
  • Ideas for Needs Assessment
    • School Wellness Profile (program data, short-term)
      • Standards for PE, Health, School Lunch, Health Services, etc.
    • Fitness Scores (student data, short-term/long-term)
    • MO Youth Combined Survey (prevalence of drug use, perception of harm, etc.)
    • School Lunch Data (i.e. Nutritional quality of food)
    • Healthy School Environment
      • Vending machines
    • Health Services Data
      • No. of students screened/referred
      • No. of referrals returned
      • Participation in staff screenings
    • School Performance
      • Academic achievement
      • School absenteeism
      • School behavior
    • Survey of Wellness Programs/PTO Programs
    • Feedback from students, parents, teachers, administrators
    • UHC Employee Health Screenings


The sub-committee members recommend using mostly existing district data (i.e. school wellness profile, school lunch data, fitness scores, health services data) to identify the effectiveness of school health teams. The needs assessment data will include both program data and student data. We will look to narrow down our list to include data that will best assess our question. The group recommended that schools who had not submitted data for the School Wellness Profiles in 2008 be asked to complete the survey this fall so that each school has baseline data.     

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