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Sub-Committee 2/B/3 Meeting - August 24, 2009


Central HS

Committee Members:

Ron Ramspott (Health/Physical Education Coordinator)
Rebecca Cartmill (Pierremont Nurse)
Keri Lee (Craig Nurse)
Marlene Pfeiffer (District Dietician)
Kelly Burch Molaskey (Parent)
Kathy Saitz (Parent)
Mary Brauninger
Lisa Harnacker (Health Services Director)

Agenda Items

  1. Group introductions
  2. Establish group norms
  3. Group discussion – What data will be collected to reveal current reality?
  4. Establish time for future meetings.

Actions Taken

  • Group reviewed current wellness policies
    • District wellness policy
    • Wellness policy administrative guidelines
    • Role of school health team
  • Group Discussion - What plan will be developed to monitor the effectiveness of school health teams? What data will we collect to measure how well school health teams are being implemented?
    • Initial Thoughts:
      • Polling schools
        • School health teams established: YES or NO
        • Committee membership
    • Follow-up questions:
      • How many schools have an active school health team?
        • The district wellness policy administrative guidelines identify the establishment of school health teams at each school. Ron stated that each school health team was asked to identify a leader or “champion.”
      • Do the school health teams reflect the coordinated school health model?
        • A concern was voiced that while the parent component was one of the eight components of the coordinated school health model, parents not have been invited to take an active role in the school health team.
      • How will school health teams address the district wellness policy?
        • Schools will be asked to complete a needs assessment, establish wellness goals, and an action plan. 
        • United Health Care will provide
      • How will school health teams be supported?
        • School health team leaders will meet twice a year for development.
        • UHC funds for staff wellness available in 2010-2011.
  • Upon request, group was given data from 2008-09 school health team survey to review for next meeting. 
  • Sub-Committee members agreed to meet from 6:00 – 7:00 pm prior to Project Parkway sessions.


The purpose of the first meeting was to begin conversations about the data that will need to be collected in order to analyze the effectiveness of school health teams. The group members were very interested in the make-up of the school health teams and why some school health teams were not visible yet. The committee inquired about what the district was already doing with school health teams and what the expectations were. Ron will be providing the group with more school wellness profile information to view at the next meeting.   

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