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Sub-Committee 2/C/3 Meeting - September 21, 2009


Central High School

Committee Members:

Subcommittee Members Present:

Adrienne Broyles, Augstine Pettus, Alyssa Gratz, Bridgette Rosenberg, Ellen Liu, Elizabeth Mays, June Kay, Karole Evans, Maurine Wikite, Phyllis Calvin, Ragini Solomon, Shanita Luckett, Wilma Cook, Winnie Purnell

Agenda Items

  • Introductions, Goals and Community Building
  • History of District Diversity Initiaitives & District Response to Hiring Concerns
  • Discussion Questions
  • Assignment of Areas of Research

Actions Taken

  • Review  Summary of 2009 Hiring Season Data
  • Presented a History of Initiatives Regarding Hiring Employees of Color
  • Presented Summary of Diversity In Action May 2009 Hiring, Recruiting, Retention & Promotion (HRRP) Committee Recommendations
  • Committee Members Selected Areas of Research


The meeting began with each committee member introducing themselves and sharing  their passion for working toward equity in the hiring process. 

The co-coordinators summarized the history of previous initiatives concerning the hiring, recruting, retention and promotion of employees of color.  In this history, the co-chairs presented summaries of

  • Discipline & Diversity Review Community (DDRC) board goals and
  • Hiring, Recruiting, Retention, & Promotion (HRRP) recommendations from the May 9, 2009 Diversity in Action.
  • 2009 Hiring Season Data.

Committee members, after reflecting on the information presented, offered their suggestions and thoughts. At the end of the meeting, committee members selected areas of research to present at the next subcommittee meeting. These research areas include investigating the impact that fulfilling this initiative may have on

  • student wellness, self-esteem, and academic achievement;
  • perceptions of isolation amongst current staff of color
  • building well-being
  • the actualization of a true window-mirror paradigm.

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