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Sub-Committee 1/A/6 Meeting - September 21, 2009


Central High School

Committee Members:

Aaron McPherson, Mary Biggs, Chris Johnson, and Nicole Evans

Agenda Items


  1. Introductions
    1. Members present were: Aaron McPherson, Mary Biggs, Chris Johnson, and Nicole Evans


  1. Scope of Work


  1. Article – 12 Rules Of Thumb
    a. Discussed the 12 rules from the article and how they applied to our general parkway classrooms.
    b. Applied the rules to the classroom we were meeting in and determined that none of the rules would apply to the room.  The size, design, and composition of the room was not conducive to technology implementation.  Especially the room was deficient in electrical infrastructure.


  1. DESE Building Recommendation
    b. Discussed using the DESE standards to compare the districts buildings against the minimum standard to determine a baseline for the districts current reality


  1. Based on the question above, what questions do we have?
    a. Is the furniture we currently have conducive to implementing our technology
    b. What about buildings can we change and what has to stay the same?

    c. What is good furniture for curriculum instruction?
    d. What resources are already available to make change?
    e. What is the district already planning on doing and what is already planned for the future?
    f. After technology, what should the next step be?

    g. What should the basic expectations of all classrooms in the district be in regards to space and furniture?
    h. Where is our curriculum implemented? Is it always in a classroom?
    i. Can color make a space more conducive to implementing curriculum?


  1. What data do we need to collect to answer the questions?
    a. Observational data collected through visits to schools both inside and outside of Parkway.
    b. Information on available furniture and space solution from vendors and district representatives.
    c. Quantitative data from district such as classroom square footage, current size standards, and age of furniture and buildings.

Actions Taken

Future Meetings

October 26 – Project Parkway All-Committee (The Committee will use these meetings to look at district data and standards)                            

    1. November 4 – Parkway School Visits – During the Day
    2. November 16 – Project Parkway All-Committee
    3. December 9 – Out of Parkway School Visits – During the day


The Subcommittee accomplished the goals for the meeting and is ready to move forward on its mission for Project Parkway.

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