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Sub-Committee 1/A/5 Meeting - September 21, 2009


Central High School

Committee Members:

Chris Raeker, Kim Bay, Melissa Biehl, Carolyn Furfine, Gail Krammer

Agenda Items


 After introductions, most of our meeting was dedicated to reviewing the work of the 2006-2007 Elementary School Day Committee.  We RE


We also reviewed the recommended curriculum minutes outlined by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), and compared the total to the actual minutes available in an elementary school day in Parkway.  Concerns were noted regarding the number of pull-out programs that impact students at this level; Special Education, math intervention, reading intervention, ESOL services, OASIS, and strings, which potentially provides a classroom teacher with few minutes in the day when all students are together.


A discussion was held about the attributes of and concerns regarding the strings program, handwriting instruction, and keyboarding.  Foreign language was discussed as a curricular area that is currently not part of the Parkway elementary program, and the benefits that such an addition might bring. 


The need for quality collaboration was discussed, and the Parkway PNEA Agreement was examined in regard to a time discrepancy between planning and collaboration minutes available at the elementary level vs. middle school.


There was consideration given to the possibility of lengthening the elementary school day.  Several in the group noted that their own families or friends had experienced longer school days at the elementary level.  A decision was made to collect data from neighboring school districts regarding the number of minutes scheduled in an elementary school day.  We will also request information regarding instrumental programming and foreign language instruction at the elementary level.  District to be contacted include:  Frances Howell, Clayton, University City, Rockwood, Wentzville, Ft. Zumwalt, Webster Groves, Lindbergh, Kirkwood, Maplewood-Richmond Heights, Ferguson-Florissant, Valley Park, Mehlville, and Pattonville.


Actions Taken

The committee agreed to meet at Carman Trails Elementary for a half day this fall, to see the elementary school day in action.  The date for that meeting is yet to be determined.


We will compare data from neighboring districts, and examine some sample schedules from area schools.


Because there are no Parkway parents serving on this committee, a final recommendation is suggested by the group leader to survey a sampling of parents from all areas of Parkway to determine their perceptions regarding the elementary school day.



Discussion of Subcommittee 5 focused on a review of the past and a look at the possibilities for the elementary day in Parkway.  The current recommended minutes of instruction from DESE were reviewed in the context of the time allocated for elementary school in Parkway.  Other areas discussed included the string program, foreign language, time for quality collaboration among teachers, and the impact of pull-out programs.

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