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Sub-Committee 1/A/2 Meeting - September 21, 2009


Central High School

Committee Members:

Karen Calcaterra, Julie Wolfe, Stacy Perry, Jason Lovera, Susann Kammeyer, Anne Frohman

Agenda Items

1.  Review the OCG

2. Brainstorm ideas for data collection

Goal 1 Focus Area A

Data Collection

-         Movement in and out of the classroom

-         How long does it take to get a students to get back on task and how much disruption occurs

-         Are essential questions posted AND are they being utilized

-         Do kids know about the OCG

-         What other sources are kids encouraged to utilize

-         How is the technology utilized in the classroom to deliver the question

-         Delivery of the curriculum by the teacher (how can this be assessed)

-         Teaching time v. planning time (ratio)

-         What observable occurrences are interfering with instruction

-         Resources for the students to use to and obtain the curriculum (accessibility without being in the classroom)

-         Internet access


Actions Taken

1.  The committee members will be joining Karen Calcattera on building walk-throughs to access the time students are engaged in the guaranteed Parkway curriculum. 



Working with subcommittee 1, the participants reviewed the OCG, discussed issues associated with the curriculum, and brain stormed ideas for data we will be collecting.


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