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Sub-Committee 1/A/1 Meeting - September 21, 2009


Central High School

Committee Members:

Liz Morrison, Jan Flood, Mimi Barrows, Jason Organ, John Simelbauer, Julie Blasini, Lisa Carta-Gates, Kim Cohen, Arthur De Villar, Mitzi Skibe, Amy Van Essendelft, Karen Wasserman

Agenda Items

1.  Review OCG

2.  Discussion of Data Collection

Goal 1 Focus Area A

Data Collection

-         Is there differentiation in the written curriculum?

-         What resources are available for parents from the OCG to support learning?

-         How are teachers measuring the implementation of the Parkway curriculum?

-         Is the OCG a useful tool for teachers?

-         To what extent is professional development provided/utilized for planning time to implement and/or enhance the curriculum?

-         How is our curriculum preparing our students beyond the classroom (Focus Area 1 C)?

-         Walk Through – focusing on GLEs?

If the OCG is incomplete, what is the guiding source for the curriculum?



Actions Taken

1.  The committee members will be joining Liz Morrison on building walk-throughs to access the visible evidence of the implementation of the curriculum.


2.  The committee members will be contacted by the curriculum coordinator connected to the content area they are reviewing prior to the next Project Parkway meeting.


Working with subcommittee 2, the participants reviewed the OCG, discussed issues associated with the curriculum, and brain stormed ideas for data we will be collecting for Project Parkway.

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