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Sub-Committee 2/A/4 Meeting - September 21, 2009


Central High School

Committee Members:

Goal 2, Focus Area A, Subcommittee 4 Summary
Members in attendance:
Michael Barolak
Amy Branson
Karen Diekroeger
Kim Guidorzi
Chris Kluthe
Mary Weatherford

Agenda Items

  • Explanation of Alternative Programs at ISC
  • Introductions
  • Norms
  • What Data Do We Need?

Actions Taken

Amy Branson will meet with John Barrow to refine data collection process.


Goal 2, Focus Area A, Subcommittee 4 joined with Subcommittee 3 while Michael Barolak spoke about the alternative programs at ISC and Fern Ridge. After Michael spoke, Subcommittees 3 and 4 split.
Subcommittee 4 talked about addressing the existing question with another question: How do we determine if Parkway’s alternative programs are meeting the needs of our students? With this question, we determined that we would need the following data:
·     program goals
·     for whom is the program designed
·     number of students attending the program(s)
o      How many start?
o      How many finish?
·     (in and out of school) suspension rates before/during/after the program
·     post-graduation (from the program and from high school) information—did the students benefit from the program? If so how? How are students doing if/when they return to the traditional setting? Do they learn skills in the alternative program that they apply in the traditional setting (e.g. REACH to high school; PACE back to high school, ADC back to middle or high school; Fern Ridge to post-secondary education or vocation)?
·     climate surveys for the alternative programs
We also asked the question: Would data about Parkway GED students address our alternative programs or the kids our traditional and alternative programs have not serviced?
Please see attached agenda notes for details.

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