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Sub-Committee 1/B/2 Meeting - September 21, 2009


Central High School, Room 512

Committee Members:

JoWanda Bozeman, Darryl Diggs, Shannon Henderson, Vijaya Jasti, Todd Kamp, Rebecca Langrall, Beth Middendorf, Barbara Moore, Alli Rudich, Rise Schoene, Curtis Twombly, Cathy Zimmerman

Agenda Items

1. Build community

2. Establish norms

3. Clarify the three strands of inquiry within the Instructional Leadership subcommittee

4. Examine resources:  Binder of articles, Parkway's 0 - 30 Development and Evaluation model, Charlotte Danielson's Enhancing Professional Practice:  A Framework for Teaching

5. Set homework

Actions Taken

1. By Oct. 5, let Barb and Becky know which inquiry area you are interested in pursuing further:

  • Coaching and Development
  • Supervision (by administrators) and Professional Learning Communities (self-supervision by teachers)
  • Teacher and Administrator Evaluation

2. Enroll in the 0 - 30 Moodle to continue the dialogue started 9/21 about possible data sources for each inquiry strand.

3. Complete homework assignments


We broke into pairs and threes to discuss norms and hopes for our work together, then reported out.  Input was recorded.  We looked at a ppt about the aspects of instructional leadership that could be studied in Parkway, discussed the scope of each area of inquiry, sharing personal stories and professional observations along the way.  We concluded by reviewing the content of the Focus Area B Instructional Leadership binders and reflecting on which aspects of the work would be a greatest interest.  Several committee members submitted a ballot sheet indicating their preferences, while others preferred to review more information before determining their choice.  Members will be invited to enroll in the 0 - 30 Moodle site to continue dialogue about data sources and review additional resources collected through the work of an earlier committee on teacher development and evaluation.

Our next meeting will be from 6 - 8 PM at South High in the front conference room on Oct. 12.

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