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Sub-Committee 2/B/3 Meeting - February 22, 2010


Parkway Central High

Committee Members:

Ron Ramspott (Health/Physical Education Coordinator)
Rebecca Cartmill (Pierremont Nurse) - absent
Keri Lee (Craig Nurse)
Marlene Pfeiffer (District Dietician)
Kelly Burch Molaskey (Parent) - absent
Mary Brauninger
Lisa Harnacker (Health Services Director)

Agenda Items

1. Subcommittee Update

  • Review timeline and assignments
    School Health Teams
    SADF Survey
    ParkwayFit Fitness Assessment

2. Data Discussion – What do we notice?

3. Needs Assessment Discussion

  • Are school health teams effective?
    What will help make school health teams more effective?
    What health and wellness issues are most obvious at our schools?

Actions Taken

• Analyzed results from Goal 2 Student Survey

  • Identified positive observations revealed by data
    Quality HPE Programs
    Health Services Programs
    Overall Healthy School Environment
  • Identified areas of concern that the data revealed
    Unhealthy food choices in schools (i.e., junk food in vending machines, unhealthy rewards/snacks in classrooms, too much breaded and fried foods, too many pizza days, not enough fruit and veggies).
    More opportunities for physical activity needed.
    More physical education needed.
    Not enough time to eat.


Ron will be compiling the data and creating the subcommittee report for group 2.B.3. This report will be forwarded to subcommittee members for review by Wednesday, February 24. All feedback is due to Ron by Friday, February 26. Final report is due to Project Parkway Goal Area Leaders Monday, March 1st. The findings for Goal 2 will be presented to the Project Parkway Steering Committee on March 22nd

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