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Sub-Committee 3/D/1 Meeting - August 14, 2009


Administration Buidling

Committee Members:

Wes Garton, Ed Brucker, Maureen Dennis, Randy Eikel, Philip Scissors

Absent:  Jane Thal, Richard Wells


Agenda Items

  • Needs Assessment
  • Current PNEA agreement
  • Tax Rate
  • Five-Year Projections


Actions Taken

  • The Needs Assessment for the finance subcommittee was distributed.  This should be reviewed prior to the next meeting so group can discussed any additions/deletions/changes that may need to be made. 
  • Group talked about the current PNEA agreement expiring this year.  Negotiations are scheduled to begin in February 2010. 
  • Upcoming tax rate hearing was discussed.  The current economic situation was discussed and how that affects the current tax rate being proposed.  Group was invited to attend the Aug. 26 tax rate hearing.
  • Current district budget and last year's finance report were distributed.  The finance report for June 30, 2009 should be available in late September/early October.  Committee was asked to review these documents prior to next subcommittee meeting.
  • Five-year projections document was handed out.  Assumptions used to develop the five-year projections were discussed.


The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the focus of the finance subcommittee for the next year and to review the needs assessment for the committee.  The meeting also allowed members to discuss what data would be appropriate to start analyzing first.  The group agreed that some of their work will be driven by curricular decisions made by Goal 1 and 2.

Tax rate inforamtion was distributed as well as this year's budget and last year's financial report.  The budget and financial report will be discussed more at the next meeting.  The distirct's five-year financial projections were studied and assumptions included in those projections were explained.

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