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Sub-Committee 3/C/1 Meeting - February 22, 2010


Central High Library

Committee Members:

Agenda Items

1. Mission and Vision Review -- All
2. School Starting Times --Will Rosa
3. Overview of Key Question Report -- Group work
- Groups of 3-4
- Fill out “Key Question” Report
4. Share Key Findings: Indentified Needs, and Additional
Data and Comments… -- All
5. Next Meeting: Monday, March 22, 2010

Actions Taken

- "Key Question" Feedback forms are due by Friday March 5th,

- "Key Question" forms were divided into 2 major categories:  1.  School Start Times  2.  Space and Enrollment

- Data collection to be shared with entire Goal 3 Committee at March 22nd meeting.


-  Participants were allowed an opprotunity to provide feedback on the Distrticts draft M/V/LP's.

- Will Rosa presented options for school start times and examples of how "tiering" bus routes is cost effective.

- The "Key Question Report" was explained.

- Participants began to fill out the "Key Question" data collection form.

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