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Sub-Committee 1/B/2 Meeting - February 22, 2010


Central High

Committee Members:

JoWanda Bozeman, Darryl Diggs, Shannon Henderson, Becky Langrall, Barb Moore, Julie Pepper (visitor), Cathy Zimmerman

Agenda Items

Actions Taken


We reviewed the compiled data from the surveys previously sent on supervision, evaluation, and professional development that a random sample of elementary and secondary teachers and counselors, specialists (literacy coaches, technology integration specialists, staff developers, and progress monitoring coaches), teachers engaged in professional learning groups, building administrators and district administrators completed.  We looked for large patterns in the data and areas where more information was needed. 
We also distributed the results of a PNEA survey on teacher evaluation and development from the fall, that had been organized into themes.  Both data sets will be merged and presented on March 22 to help map the territory between current reality and our goal of achieving the new Parkway mission.

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