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Sub-Committee 3/D/3 Meeting - September 09, 2009


Central Middle School, Room 707

Committee Members:

Sharon Hennessy, Lauri Chamberlain, Elizabeth Kayser, Bettie Downs

Agenda Items

Our committee will develop a needs assessment this year around the following: Can the District improve it's ability to report important student and financial information allowing quicker, more accurate analysis of the data distributed? A. Assessment, prioritization and recommendations for application software(examples-student management product) B. Business Continuity Planning or Disaster Recovery as it relates to data C. Evaluate/Assess current processes for reporting(student, financial, employee and other data)

Actions Taken

Questions developed for the September 21 Project Parkway Meeting for the three items listed in the agenda.

Committee members will review and collaborate on documents & discussions via Parkway Moodle. 

Committee members will create a login to Parkway Moodle and enroll in the Project Parkway Course.



The purpose of the Focus Area D committee meeting was to review the goals and key strategies.  Members of the group provided insight into what data should be studied and what questions should be asked.

The committee also agreed to collaborate using Parkway Moodle. 

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