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Sub-Committee 1/C/1 Meeting - January 25, 2010


Central High

Committee Members:

Goal 1 Focus Area C Members

Agenda Items

1. Quick update on surveys return . (Chialin) 5 min

2. Analyze survey results and possible recommendations. (Ron, Linda, Bonnie, Diane, Nan, and Chialin)

Data Dialogue Process

(a) Parent survey form ; results ; and comments

(b) Teacher survey results:

  • Elementary teacher survey form ; results ; Comments
  • Middle school teacher survey form ; results ; Comments
  • High school teacher survey form ; results ; Comments

3. Achevement Update Report to the Board. (Chialin) 10 min

Actions Taken


1. Chialin presented the Board Report to the G1FC committee.


2. Parent Survey Analysis from G1FC.


3. Teacher Survey Analysis will be done at the February meeting.

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