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Sub-Committee 3/D/3 Meeting - January 25, 2010


Central High School Library

Committee Members:

Sharon Hennessy, Nancy Urnes, Lauri Chamberlain, Jaqueline Ward

Agenda Items

Discuss time line for needs assessement report.


Actions Taken


Discussed questions to ask users of various software applications in the district.  They are as follows:

Frequency of use
Job function
Available training-participated?
Comfort level-expert, novice
Level of satisfaction-1 thru 5
Aware of other software that performs a similar or same function-if so what is it
Recommendations for additional functionality-based on the software
Awareness of the product


We are continuing to gather information related to the various software applications used by departments & schools within the district.  A gap analysis will be done on the indivdual software to deteremine needs and overlaps.

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