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Sub-Committee 3/C/1 Meeting - January 25, 2010


Central High Library

Committee Members:

Agenda Items

1.  Mission and Vision Review

2. Sharing Interview Data/Findings

3.  Discussion - Main issues?  Concerns? Recurring Themes?  Building/Site priorities?

4.  Planning Next Steps

Actions Taken

- Review data collected from interview/site visits

- Create chart showing needs from each site

- Communicate findings with Goal 3 Focus Area A


The group reviewed and discussed the latest draft of the Mission and Vision statement.  That review was followed by a lengthy discussion in which the participants shared the interview data that was collected from building prinicpals about their schools.  A data chart was organized to identify each sites top 3 concerns.  Patterns and recurring themes were discussed as the need for more space seemed to be the most prevelant item. 

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