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Sub-Committee 1/A/1 Meeting - January 25, 2010


Central High School

Committee Members:

Liz Morrison, Lisa Carta-Gates, Kim Cohen, Jason Organ, Arthur De Villar, Mimi Barrow, Julie Blassini


Agenda Items

1.  Introductions

2.  Data Review

3.  Needs Assessment

Actions Taken

The committee identified several needs based on the results of the survey:

Needs include increasing administrator awareness and usage of the OCG, a "curriculum at a glance" document on the OCG, a district definition and development in the area of rigor and differentiation, and a more coordinated effort between special educators and general educators in pull-outs at the elementary and middle school level.

The next meeting will include clarification of "needs" based on the survey and the walk-throughs.


The members of the committee reviewed the data from the Administrator and Teacher Goal 1 Focus Area A  subcommittees one and two ollowing a Data Dialogue protocol.  The team made predictions, reviewed the data, and stated needs based on their observations.

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