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Sub-Committee 1/ B/1 Meeting - January 25, 2010


Central High

Committee Members:

Agenda Items

  • Parkway's draft mission and vision; time for discussion
  • Review of document we created for our school visits (definitions)
  • Review of school visit protocol and process
  • Signing up for school visits

Actions Taken

  • 3 school visits of 2 schools each to look for evidence of differentiation in action
  • Additional subcommittee meeting on Feb. 18 to discuss Depth of Knowledge


Our subcommittee used our time to discuss the form we had created for data collection on our upcoming school visits. This form had been field tested by 3 subcommittee members and will be used as we visit 6 schools during February. We clarified defintions and what certain strategies look like in action.  We also devoted time to discussing the recent draft of Mission and Vision and how these will impact decision making in the future.

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