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Sub-Committee 3/D/2 Meeting - September 03, 2009


Admin Building

Committee Members:

Shannon Burger

Denise Glass

Janet Smith

Jo Ann Miles

Jason Rooks

Diana Stewart

Kathy Cain

Agenda Items

  1. Prioritize "Data Collection Worksheet" to study "current reality"
  2. Confirm attendance for the Sept. 21st meeting @ Central High (FINALIZE "Data Collection Worksheet"/assign tasks)
  3. Review suggestions:  Decide "YES" or "NO"...additional inclusions
  4. Identify what is currently available:  sources for data
  5. Assignment for our next meeting:  Think about/suggest ways to organize our work!

Actions Taken

  • Reviewed District Publications:  Print & Electronic
  • Discussed listings,samples,descriptions:  purpose/timing/method for targeted audiences (internal & external)
  • Discussed current stakeholders:  demographics/types of information/wants & needs/possible surveys
  • Discussed school newsletters:  format/delivery/frequency
  • Discussed web site and email guidelines
  • Discussed NSPRA Audit:  action steps/changes implemented


Narrowed "Data Collection Worksheet" down to the following HIGH PRIORITY Items.

  1. School/District Print Publications
  2. School/District Social & Electronic Communications
    • Description,purpose,timing,audience,samples
    • Description,purpose,timing,audience,samples,statistics
  3. Stakeholder Demographics
  4. School/District Web Site Standards
  5. School/District Email Standards
  6. District Communication's Strategic Plan
  7. NSPRA Communication's Audit Report
  8. Branding Review
  9. Parent/Staff Communication Survey
  10. Topline review of other leading school districts

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