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Sub-Committee 2/C/4 Meeting - January 25, 2010


Central High

Committee Members:

Glenn Knopf

Stacy Myton

Michael Okpara

Soraya Rivandeneria

Donna Savage

Chelsea Watson

Sonya Smith

Agenda Items



Needs Assessment


Actions Taken

The committee reviewed the results of the survey.
Committee members will review the minutes and begin to craft recommendations. These will be discussed in February.



Below are notes from the survey discussion.


What did the data reveal?

·   Not a drastic difference between the committees with and without parent representation.

·   The majority of committee facilitators do not actively seek out Parent’s who reflect Parkway’s diverse community.

·   There does appear to be a trend on how parents are selected to be on district committees.  A few of the responses indicate that selections are based on volunteers.

·   Committee facilitators do not actively seek out students who reflect Parkway’s diverse community.

·   How were the students selected to be on the committee you facilitate?

    The trend for students selected   

    on the committee was N/A.

·   The majority of the committees do not have community member representation.

·   Facilitators do not actively seek out community members who reflect Parkway’s diverse community. 

·   It appears that community members are selected in various methods based on needs of the committee.


What questions emerged?

·   What would it look like of there were guidelines for district committees to ensure participate of parents, students and community members?

·   What can we do to sustain the services provided services to the school?

·   Should district committees be put into categories? Based on the categories, guidelines could be established for participation of parents, students, and community members?


·   Is it necessary for parents, students, and community members to be represented on all district committees?

·   Why aren’t there more parents, students, and community members on district committees?

·   Why aren’t district committee facilitators seeking out parent, students, and community members?

·   Do district committees have goals and objectives for securing parents, students, and community members on committees?


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