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Sub-Committee 1/B/2 Meeting - January 25, 2010


Central High

Committee Members:

Present: JoWanda Bozeman, Darryl Diggs, Shannon Henderson, Todd Kamp III, Becky Langrall, Barb Moore, Sarah Rummel, Alli Rudich, Curtis Twombley, Cathy Zimmerman

Agenda Items

1. Review the work from the fall from the Professional Development and Supervision for best practices clusters and establish the work for the spring: Data analysis and recommendations based on needs assessments.

2. Tune the following surveys, which have been through one review by Parkway Program Evaluator Nathan Tyson:

Professional Development

a. For teachers about building development and district development they give/receive.
b. For specialists (TIS, PMCs, LCs, Developers) about development they give/receive.
c. For building administrators about building/district development they give/receive
d. For district administrators about building/district development they give/receive.


a. Principals' and assistant principals' perceptions of their experiences as supervisors for best instructional practices
b. Teachers' perceptions of their experiences of supervision by building administrators for best instructional practices
c. Teachers' perceptions of their experiences of coaching by coordinators for best instructional practices.
d. Teachers' perceptions (both Gen Ed and SSD) of self-supervision through the work of PLCs and PLC-like groups for best instructional practices.

3. Cancel the Feb. 1 Cluster meeting at SH for the PD and Supervision clusters to give time to gather data.

4. Set up another meeting for the first round of data analysis.

Actions Taken


Summary: The group tuned the surveys above. Supervision surveys should go out this week so that FAB2 can begin data analysis on Feb. 16 (if possible). Jennifer will share the tuned PD surveys at the next district PDC meeting on Feb. 8 for additional feedback. This input will be added, then Nikki and Jennifer will upload these surveys to send to stakeholders.

The Teacher and Administrator Evaluation cluster will meet on Monday, Feb. 1, to hone focus questions for two meetings tentatively set for Friday, Feb. 5, at which Barb Moore will invite Elementary Assistant Principals and Secondary Assistant Principals to give their views on teacher and administrator evaluation in Parkway.

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