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Sub-Committee 3/B/3 Meeting - January 25, 2010


Central High

Committee Members:

Wally Flick

Sarah Files

Kashina Bell

Tom Swoboda

Agenda Items

1. Review needs assessment information

2. Review student focus group data

3. Discuss possible recommendations

4. Review group summary for sharing time

5. Dates for next meetings? Tasks?

Actions Taken

At our next meeting, we will draw our current reality closer to conclusion as well as discuss topics that arose from our discussions of student focus groups.


We looked at data that was collected from the 3 student focus groups. We also watched video highlights from the focus groups and discussed items that came out of those focus groups. Specifically, we discussed student interest in iPod touch devices, home access, portable computing devices, internet access at school, and Facebook types of applications in school. We will continue dicussion of these topics at our next meeting and will analyze how those things fit into our current reality.

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