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Sub-Committee 3/D/2 Meeting - January 25, 2010


Central High

Committee Members:

Diana Stewart

Kathy Cain

Jo Ann Miles

Melissa Heberle

Shannon Burger

Denise Glass

Agenda Items

Survey Status

Communications Matrix-  Review input to date  (Where to from here?)

Review Survey Results and Summary of Key Findings from Parent Survey

-  Use similar format for employees' survey results?

-  What key issues do we see emerging?

Format for documenting "What did the data reveal"?

Next Meeting:  Feb. 22nd, 7-9  Central High



Actions Taken

Parent Survey:  # sent:  3,470   Number of responses need:  375   Number of responses to date:  401

Discussed Demographics of Results: 

Elementary:  43.9%   Middle:  23.7%  High:  31.4%     Age:    18-34  (6%)   35-49  (68.8%)  50-64  (24.7%)

VST:  3%

Non-VST:  97%



Discussed Nathan's "Significant Statistical" analysis of Employee Survey Results  ..to be compiled

Discussed Communication Matrix...other data to gather




We are feeling very good about the data we have gathered.  We are to the point of organizing this data to determine "needs" that we will bring forward to the Steering Committee.  We may do one more phone survey using IC.  It will be a simple "yes" or "no" survey to determine our parents' access to email and internet services.  Initail findings cite the Principal's Newsletter as a main source of school/district happenings for parents.  Parents are MUCH IN FAVOR of our AlertNow System as a means of communication.  85% of our parents report that they are proud their child/ren attend Parkway!  Parents also report some frustration with IC and classroom websites not being current. 

We continue to collect data to complete the Communications Matrix.  We are compiling Employee Survey Results for our next meeting.

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