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Sub-Committee 3/C/1 Meeting - August 24, 2009


Central High

Committee Members:

All Subcommittee Members Present

Agenda Items

-The committee discussed its changing/more defined role from what was presented at the original "Kick-Off" meeting in May, 2009.

- The committee reviewed the key strategies.

- The commmittee shared ideas for possible data collection.

- The committee discussed Parkway's previous Space and Enrollment Study.

- The committee agreed to start looking at demophraphic data, schools' starting/ending times, length of the school day, class sizes, and where unique programs are offered throughout the District.

Actions Taken

-  Focus Area C leaders will meet to determine what data to share and present at the September 21, 2009 meeting.

-  Focus Area C leaders will also meet to design a format for committee membership feedback.



The main purpose of the meeting for the Focus Area C subcommittee was to gain more clarity on its role and to review the key strategies.  The meeting also allowed committee members to make suggestions as to what data would be appropriate to start analyzing first.  The committee also agreed that it would need to stay connected to the other Goal Areas as curriuclar decisions could help set the direction for the group's data analysis.

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