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Goal Committee Meetings

Goal Meeting - October 26, 2009


Central High

Committee Members:

Agenda Items

7:00 - 7:15  Goal 3 Group Meeting

7:20 - 8:30  Goal 3 Individual Subcommittee Meetings

8:30 - 9:00  Goal 3 Subcommitte Updates

Actions Taken

Focus Area A will be conducting inspection walks in the schools to look at ADA needs in the buildings.

Focus Area B began analyzing student survey data.  Group discussed inviting students to a meeting to be part of the discussion.

Focus Area C reviewed board guidelines on attendance and studied boundary maps.  The 2002 enrollment study was also passed out.  Subgroups took 2-3 documents each to study and do follow up interviews.

Focus Area D-1 continues to study financial data and how programs are funded.  Focus Area D-2 is constructing a survey regarding district communication methods.  Focus Area D-3 discussed district application software and plans on surveying other technology departments in the state to see how they handle disaster recovery.


Goal 3 committee members broke into their subcommittees to continue their work and to discuss/finalize any survey questions they may want to send out to district parents.  At the end of the evening each subcommittee gave an update on their group's activities. 

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