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Goal Committee Meetings

Goal Meeting - September 21, 2009


Central High Library

Committee Members:

Wes Garton, Gary Mazzola, Sam Sciortino, Mike Mertens, Tom Swoboda, Steve VanMater, Desi Kirchhofer, Sharon Hennessy, Diana Stewart, Craig Fenner, Kathy Muehlrath, Aaron Wills, Kashina Bell, Rob Gaugh, Chris Shirley, Mike Baugus, Debbie McMillan, Will Rosa, Kathy Cain, Lauri Chamberlain, Randy Eikel, Representative Community Members

Agenda Items

7:00 - General Meeting for All Project Parkway Committee Members

7:25 - Goal 3 Individual Subcommittee Meetings

8:30 - Goal 3 Subcommittee Updates

Actions Taken

All Project Parkway members met in the Central High theatre where Paul Tandy and Dr. Malito spoke to the group.

Following the general session, Goal 3 committee members broke out into their respective subcommittees to finalize their needs assessment, start their data analysis, and schedule future meeting dates.

At the end of the evening all of the Goal 3 members met together and a representative from each subcommittee gave a brief update on the work currently being done in their group.


The main objective of the meeting was to allow time for all of the subcommittees to finish their needs assessment.  Following the general meeting, Goal 3 committee members broke into their subcommittees to continue their work.  At the end of the evening each subcommittee gave an update on their group's activities.


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