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Goal Committee Meetings

Goal Meeting - September 21, 2009


Central High School

Committee Members:

Bonnie Maxey, Kathy Saitz, Jenny Marquart, Beth Plunkett, John Barrow, Charlotte Ijei, Lisa Harnacker, Tim McCarthy, Marie Burke,Beth Wendling, Amy Branson, Tim Gannon, Jami DeBosch, Bill Senti, Ron Ramspott, Jason Kozdron, Kevin Mabie, Jeremy Mitchell, Sean Doherty, Moyenda Anwiyse, Mary Muckler, Chelsea watson, Glen Knopff, and representative community members.

Agenda Items

7:00 - 7:25 -- General Meeting of All Project parkway in Central high Commons

7:25 - 7:45  - Goal 2 Breakout Meeting in the Social Studies Commons

                    1. Welcome and Overview of tomight's agenda (Bonnie Maxey)

                    2.  Review of District Draft Mission Statement (drafts #1 and #2) (Kathy Saitz)

                     3.  Review of Communication Links to Project Parkway as well as meeting dates and summaries (Jenny Marquart)

                    4. Review of Subcommittee Goals for the evening: establishing norms, reviewing data, identifying data, documents, or articles necessary to finalize an audit.


7:45 - 9:00  Subcommittee Work in inividual classrooms

Actions Taken

Subcommittee Chairs will post necessary audit items for their study on the Project Parkway website by September 28th.


The general meeting was informative and well-received.  We introduced new subcommittee members and facilitated their connections to the proper study groups. 

Goal Leaders and Focus area Leaders circulated throughout the subcommittee meetings and reported lively and meaningful conversations. 

Goal Leaders followed the meeting with a reminder to post audit items, as well as providing necessary supports for doing so.

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