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Goal Committee Meetings

Goal Meeting - October 26, 2010


Parkway Central High

Committee Members:

Becky Litherland

Jennifer Young

Fran Hamilton

Gail Kullamnn

Jason Adams

Cindy Heymann

Melissa Redington

Lisa Merideth

Simone Wilson

Agenda Items

    • Revisit Uses of Technology, professional and personal 
    • Discuss Technology in the Classroom Articles
    • Visit Grappling's Technology and Learning Spectrum
    • Continue to add to the Uses of Technology Charts
    • Examine sample lessons to determine their grappling's level 

Actions Taken


The charts noting uses of technology sheds light on the importance of integrating technology into the curriculum.  There is quite a bit of overlap in how technolgy is being used in our professional and personal lives.

The article provided examples of how technology can stretch learning for students. 

After examining the Grappling's, greater attention is given to how our students are using technology in the classroom.


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