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Focus Group 1/C Meeting - November 16, 2009


Central High

Committee Members:

Goal 1 Focus Area C members.

Agenda Items

7:00 PM -8:15 PM Meet in Focus Area C (Room 949)

1. Quick update on surveys. (Nan) 5 min

2. District MAP/EOC Goal: Members view the MAP/EOC data on District ranking website. (GOAL) (Chialin) 15 min

Committee members examed district MAP/EOC information using the website above and discussed the district MAP/EOC goal. The conversation was around how we can do better.

3. PARS: Display PARS to committee. (Linda, Diane & Teachers) 20 min

Assessment House. PARS Work Group, PARS Lead Support. How are we (staff) accessing data? What data are we using? (HOW? and WHAT?)

The PARS system was displayed to the committee.

4. Small Group Discussion: Why are we using data? (WHY?) 35 min (5 min explain, 10 min study, 20 min share within small group)
Group 1 Elementary--Common Assessment Report (Bonnie & Teachers)
The parent group reviewed a 3rd grade reading common assessment and discussed its alignment to MAP. The literacy coaches reviewed a trend sheet and how teachers utilize this information to provide small group instruction and improve lesson design for students.

Group 2 Middle School--EXPLORE Report (Linda & Teachers)

Group 3 High School--ACT Report (Ron & Teachers)

The group looked at the ACT data and found year to year consistency in our district data.

(a) What is your prediction before viewing the data? (b) What is your observation while you examine the data? (c) What is an "aha" for you?

8:30 PM - 9:00 PM Goal Reports in the Theater. Goal 1 is from 8:30-8:40.

Actions Taken


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