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Focus Group 2/A Meeting - September 14, 2009


Administrative Center Board Room

Committee Members:

Amy Branson, Beth Wendling, Marie Burke, Michael Barolak, John Barrow

Agenda Items

Planning for September 21, 2009 Project Parkway Committee meeting




Actions Taken

September 21 meeting will be used to allow subcommittees as much time as possible to continue developing needs assessment plan. 

Subcommittee #3 and #4 will meet together for a brief presentation about some Parkway alternative programs and discipline data from Michael Barolak.

Information about alternative programs was shared with subcommittee #3 and #4 members via e-mail and website link sent by Beth and Amy.

Subcommittee #2 reading resources were sent via e-mail by Marie. 


Subcommittee leaders from Goal 2 Focus Area A collaborated to coordinate details for the Monday September 21 Project Parkway meeting.  Goal and Focus Area leaders for Goal 2 met at the same time and location so the first few minutes we learned more about the specific agenda and meeting space for the September 21 meeting.

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Sub-Committee Meetings