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Focus Group 1/C Meeting - August 04, 2009


Parkway Central High School

Committee Members:

Heidi Crocker, Shane Deay, Sylvia Hnatiw, Linda Maloney, Ronda Moss, Kathleen Rizzo, Tracy Bouslog, Susan Doering, Nancy Groth, Linda Jones, Susan Treiber, Ron Banfield, Linda Lelonek, Bonnie McCracken, Diane Richter, and Chialin Hsieh.

For meeting details, please go to http://www.pkwy.k12.mo.us/curriculum/assessment/Lev2.cfm?Lev2ID=226


Agenda Items

1. Welcome and Member Introductions

2. Focus Area C process and structure

3. Meeting dates

4. Two initial questions shared with members Actions Taken


In general, what data is important to you as a parent, staff, or committee member?

1.       Benchmark districts

2.       Comparable analysis to private school

3.       How do Parkway students succeed in post secondary education—college, beyond K-12, as well as workforce?

4.       Post secondary data

5.       Study comparable data K-12 and beyond

6.       Where are our kids going after high school?

7.       Data/Information from social aspects, such as communication skills, personal skills, social skills, creative thinking, critical thinking, etc.

8.       Look at data more than just academic.

9.       Career interests: EXPLORE, PLAN, ACT, surveys, career surveys

10.   Report card is not enough.

11.   Report card could include multiple intelligences.

12.   Whole child

13.   Are the intervention programs working? How about our at risk students? Nontraditional students? IEP students?

14.   Are we reaching all kids? Not only the top 10% or the bottom 10% kids.

15.   Standards or content of the similar classes are consistent among the classes and across schools.

16.   Data on types of jobs graduates are getting such as key positions (Graduation follow-up)

17.   Level of potential data/honors

18.   Test scores help students find private colleges

19.   Students need immediate feedback

20.   Kids need to care about the assessment process

21.   Establish priority standards/common assessments

22.   Role of progress monitoring coach

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