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Focus Area Meetings

Focus Group 3/A Meeting - February 22, 2010


Central High Library - Room 902

Committee Members:

Mike Mertens, Craig Fenner, Erik Lueders, Kathy Muehlrath, Aaron Wills, inclucing Chris Jacob, and Gary Mazzola

Agenda Items


     Continue to monitor other teams and support where needed

Discuss Mission, Vision and Learning Principals (handouts at sign-in)

Discuss Subcommittee Report on Key Question – Identified Needs Report template

ADA Subcommittee Update

Meeting Summary

Next All Committee Meeting Day/Date:
   Monday, March 22, 2010
                                                                          Location: Central High School 
                                                                          Time: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Actions Taken

Discuss Mission, Vision and Learning Principals
Members received Draft #5 of the Mission, Vision and Learning Principles and spent a few minutes reviewing and discussing it. They were reminded that the district is looking for feedback.

Discuss Subcommittee Report on Key Question – Identified Needs Report Template 
• Mike Mertens will complete Report for Subcommittee 1 and will forward to members for review and input. 
• Kathy Muehlrath will complete the Report for Subcommittee 2 - ADA and forward to Mike.

Subcommittee #1 Discussions/Questions
• We are not driving curriculum; curriculum is driving us and that makes it hard for us until information and needs filter down from other groups.
• Recommendations will be plentiful when things roll down to us as key questions from other groups get answered and the Steering Committee tries to make sense out of them before passing them on to the Board. We will be more involved at that point as we handle projects in-house today.
• How much will get to the steering committee and Board?
• We will need to use time smartly to get where the Board wants us to go.
• Parkway is being wise about building with certain designs and concepts of going green and energy efficient schools. 
  Results are higher test scores, more financial resources available for teaching programs,
• Q: Do some changes come as a package or do they have a domino effect with one change leading to another?
• A: The hard part is to prioritize what you can do with the funding you have.
• Q: Is there a particular school that is the most challenging?
• A: Henry Elementary is the most challenging because of asbestos and its age. The design of NHS is not a good layout 
      and their outdoor facilities are too small.
• Q: What will the final measuring tool be? What matrix do we use to start making decisions and to decide processes?

Subcommittee #2 Update - ADA
• Five (5) schools remaining to do safety inspections.
• Will make recommendations for middle schools and high schools.

Other Topics Covered
• Full-Day Kindergarten 
   o Strong possibility FDK will be the preferred program Parkway offers. Most elementary principals consider FDK a 
      desirable program and look forward to it.
   o There have been no discussions re: kindergarten centers.
   o Will have a huge impact on space; a lot of elementary buildings will need more room.
   o Enrollment: What is projected for the future?
       § Unable to predict number of kindergarten age students.
       § Rise in enrollment due to students switching from private to public schools.
       § Reduced class size; big impact on space; same number of classrooms with fewer kids.
       § Attendance areas are in transient areas with apartments; unable to predict enrollment.
       § ESL and SSD programs are also transient and hard to predict.
       § Do we need to talk with other committees re: space? M. Mertens and D. Kirchhofer are talking.
   o Possible directions: Try to re-district, give up rooms, temporary housing, look at giving up computer labs.
   o From a Facilities standpoint, money and time are needed.
   o An unbiased internal district audit should be done; Bonnie is leading a kindergarten study team.
   o Other area districts have gone to FDK and eliminated their ½ day programs.
   o What is the objective analysis of FDK vs. the ½ day program? What does it yield?
       § Twice as much exposure to curriculum
       § Time for recesses, lunch and learning centers
       § Higher student achievement between similar students 
       § Teachers have more time to create teaching styles to reach students
       § Exposure to hidden curriculum like PE, art, music, etc.
   o No final decision has been made yet but district is moving in that direction.


Meeting Summary
After the members reviewed and discussed the Mission, Vision and Learning Principles, the Subcommittee leaders reviewed the Subcommittee Report on Key Questions revised form. They will each complete the form on their Subcommittee’s findings.

The Committee was reminded that “we are not driving curriculum; curriculum is driving us” and that the direction we take will depend on what gets to the Steering Committee and the Board and where they want us to go. Members then went into general discussions and some specific topics such as a full-day kindergarten program and the affect it would have on the district, its impact on space, how to predict the needs, etc.

The meeting ended with Dr. Malito reminding us to think about “the best of the best” for the children. We are setting the stage for next capital Bond Issue of $95-$97 million and will have to prepare for special needs in the next 20 years or more and that Facilities will be a major player for the next 50 years. “Think change.”

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