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Goal Committee Meetings

Focus Area Meetings

Focus Group 3/A Meeting - January 25, 2010


Central High Library - Room 902

Committee Members:

Mike Mertens, Area Committee Leader, Scott Bennett, Craig Fenner, Erik Lueders, Vici Manning, Kathy Muehlrath, and Aaron Wills

Agenda Items

Joint Goal 3 Meeting – Wes Garton 

Middle School P.E. Facilities - Ron Ramspott

General Update/Discussions/Concerns/Q&A’s

Update on ADA Subcommittee

Monitor Aaron McPherson’s Subcommittee

Sit in with Desi Kirchhofer’s Team

Next All Committee Meeting
      Day/Date: Monday, February 22, 2010
      Location: Central High School
      Time: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Actions Taken

Middle School P.E. Facilities - Ron Ramspott
• Shared inquiries received regarding middle school physical education facilities with group

General Update/Discussions/Concerns/Q&A’s
• What we are basically doing is setting up for the next Bond Issue (2014). A major outcome of this exercise will be  
  gaining an understanding of the educational needs of the district.
• Our part is to provide support to the other Goal teams as they identify educational needs.
• Infrastructure needs have already been identified.
• Project Parkway and Supts. Council to decide extent of ADA changes and ADA compatibility if federal and state 
  requirements are already met when there may be more pressing needs.
• Needs coming from Group 3 so far are not major facility issues; Facilities teams are currently addressing several of 
  them; issues would be: 
     o Recommendations of minimum classroom size
     o Full-day kindergarten – what each elementary school requires for space
• Recommendations will come from the district after they identify where issues are and prioritize how they want us to 
• Q: Will they (Goal Leaders) expect data to come from us?
        A: We already have our 5-10 Year Plans to provide as needed.

Update on ADA Subcommittee
• Subcommittee data collection on-going.
• Building inspections are on-going with Subcommittee leader and two members participating.
• Concerns expressed on meeting February 22 report date while still waiting for reports to come in.

Monitor Aaron McPherson’s Subcommittee

Sit in with Desi Kirchhofer’s Team
• Meeting with Goal 3 – Focus Area C.
• Sat in on discussions regarding current needs of buildings; we’re already addressing most of the issues.

Next All Committee Meeting 
     Day/Date: Monday, February 22, 2010
     Location: Central High School
     Time: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.


Following a brief All Goal meeting, we broke out into our Subcommittee group where we:
• Reviewed information received.
• Held general discussions including our group’s part, which is to wait until recommendations are submitted by the other Goals and are reviewed and prioritized by the Strategic Committee and the Board.
• Received an update from our ADA Subcommittee.
We concluded our meeting and joined Desi Kirchhofer’s Subcommittee’s meeting, Goal 3, Focus Area C, as observers. Their group discussion consisted of the current building priorities they are seeing throughout the district. The Facilities Division is already addressing the majority of these priorities that do not require additions or additional space.

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