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gavel Meeting Summaries star Key Findings ? Comments on Subcommitte Key Findings
Goal 3: Provide learning environments necessary for success in a competitive, global society
Focus Area A: Ensure safe, secure, and accessible facilities through ongoing maintenance and renovation. gavel    
Subcommittee 1: Are the District's facilities able to safely and effectively support the District's mission? gavel gavel ?
Focus Area B: Provide current and secure technology to support operational efficiency, teaching, and learning. gavel    
Subcommittee 1: Can the District's core technological infrastructure support the need for digital delivery of the District's curriculum? gavel gavel ?
Subcommittee 2: What is the viability of 1 to 1 computing in order to better serve Parkway's students? gavel gavel ?
Subcommittee 3: What classroom technological devices help facilitate a transfer of knowledge when students are learning the District's curriculum? gavel gavel ?
Focus Area C: Identify and develop school environments necessary for 21st century teaching and learning. gavel    
Subcommittee 1: How does Parkway continue to offer comprehensive educational opportunities for all students? gavel gavel ?
Focus Area D: Improve communication and decision-making through effective and efficient data collection, analysis and reporting. gavel    
Subcommittee 1: What is the most effective and efficient way to allocate District funds while supporting the strategic planning process and honoring the District's mission? gavel gavel ?
Subcommittee 2: How will the District use the myriad of available media to most effectively communicate with the Parkway community? gavel gavel ?
Subcommittee 3: Can the District improve its ability to report important student and financial information allowing quicker, more accurate analysis of the data distributed? gavel gavel ?