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2011-12 Steering Committee Roster

Name Role
John Barrow Coordinator-Progress Monitoring & Intervention
Kathy Blackmore Assistant Superintendent
Julie Bomanz Early Childhood Parent/Child Coordinator
Jowanda Bozeman PNEA President
Kim Brandon Principal
Marie Burke Special School District
Julie Collins Coordinator - Student Assessment
Steve Colombo Director - Special Services
Don Cook Community
Ronald Gladney Parent
Stephanie Hornsby Parent
Charlotte Ijei Director - Pupil Personnel
Nan Johnson Parent
Elizabeth Kayser Parent
Desi Kirchhofer Assistant Superintendent
Meg Marian Parent
Keith Marty Superintendent
Bonnie Maxey Assistant Superintendent
Toby McQuerrey Coordinator - Social Studies
Lynne Midyette Special School District
Jeremy Mitchell Principal
Dee Mogerman Board of Education
Liz Morrison Coordinator - Staff Development
Melissa Moulton Parent
Larry Opinsky Parent
Julie Pepper Teacher
Debbie Poslosky Literacy Coach
Lynn Pott Principal
Charlie Potts Parent
Denise Pupillo Coordinator - Gifted and Talented
Kathy Saitz Parent
Sam Sciortino Board of Education
Jennifer Stanfill Coordinator - Career/Technical Ed
Mark Stockwell Chief Financial Officer
Paul Tandy Director - Communications
Jane Thal Parent
Joy Torgerson Director - Human Resources
Chelsea Watson Principal
Ed Zumwinkel Parent