Title of Lesson: Shelf Marker Song Grade Level: K
Submitted By: Rosemary Trotier
Key Concepts/GLEs/Frameworks/Benchmarks:

Show me 1#4, 6, 4#3



a. Task: Students will recognize that there is a system for organizing the library.

b. Evaluation: Students will use a shelf marker to mark the place on the shelf where they removed a book from and return the book to that spot if they do not want to check it out. They will give the librarian their shelf marker when they go to check out the book that they do want.

Library Resources/Materials Needed:

Materials needed: Shelf marker for each student with their name on them. This also helps learn and know the child's name. Especially helpful the first weeks of Kindergarten.

Learning Activities: (What Librarian will do):

a. Explain that all books belong in a special place so that we can find them. A mis-shelved book is a lost book. It is our job to help keep the books in the right place.

Demonstrate use of shelf marker to accomplish this. Sing song.

Call each student's name from the marker. When they receive their marker they may walk to find a book. This is how I dismiss kindergarten, one by one, every week.

b. Approximate time your lesson will take: 20 minutes

c. Modifications or adaptations for students with special needs in your classroom

d. Resources: the book Shelf Elf by Jackie Mims Hopkins and the supplement Story Enrichment Ideas

REFLECTION (Write after your lessons)

a. What happened during my lesson?

b. What did the students learn? How did they interact with each other and with me?

c. What did I learn?

d. How could I improve my lesson to help my students meet standards and learn more?


Shelf Marker Song

After discussing the importance of shelf markers and how to use them, sing The Shelf Marker Song. Sing to the tune of The Hokey Pokey.

You put your shelf marker in.

(Put right hand and arm forward.)

You pull a book right out.

(Pull right hand and arm back.)

You look through the pages, to see what it's about.

(Touch sides of hands together like and open book. Left hand closes on top of right hand and then back open like you are turning the pages of the book.)

You do the bookey lookey, And you see if it's just right.

(Continue to hold hands like an open book.)

That's what it's all about!

(Slap hand on thighs twice, clap hand twice, open hand on the word about.)

You do the bookey lookey,

(Hold hands in the air and shake them like the hand motion in the Hokey Pokey.)

You do the bookey lookey.

(Repeat, shaking hand in the air.)

You do the bookey lookey.

(Repeat, shaking hand in the air.)

That's what it's all about!

(Slap thighs twice, clap twice, open hand on the word about.)