Title of Lesson: Parts of a Book Grade Level: 2
Submitted By: Andrea Schoo (Highcroft)
Key Concepts/GLEs/Frameworks/Benchmarks:

Library Frameworks, Show-Me Standard: Goal 1,
Students will be able to identify parts of a book.


Introduction to Parts of Book using Nature’s Children or New True books.

Handout on Parts of Book

Smartboard (Parts of book hangman): http://www.quia.com/hm/104365.html - to be played as a fun wrap up on lesson.

Library Resources/Materials Needed:

A Nature’s Children or New True book for each student.
A handout for each student.
Smartboard or internet on computer.

Learning Activities: (What Librarian will do):

Librarian will first introduce key concepts to students (spine, call #, index, glossary, copyright, etc.)

Assist students with the handout while they demonstrate their knowledge by answering questions in the handout.

Demonstrate how to play “hangman” game on computer and let students play along.


Parts of Book handout (MS Word file)

Parts of Book handout (Appleworks)