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Outdoor School is an interdisciplinary program for sixth grade students in Parkway that maximizes the use of a natural environment and a child's natural curiosity, to teach environmental and ecological studies, through experiential activities which support national standards, district curriculum and Missouri Grade Level Expectations.  Direct learning experiences promote ecolgical ethics and build interpersonal relationships, which encourages the students to become agents of change in their schools, communities, and world. 






Students attend a week-long Outdoor School held at Camp Lakewood (YMCA of the Ozarks) during their sixth grade year.  During the five days students are engaged in numerous hands-on learning activities which teach them about the natural environment, teach the cooperative and interpersonal skills, and teach them a variety of outdoor skills.  The lessons are designed to allow students to investigate, inquire, and formulate thoughts about their learnings.  Outdoor School involves the study of ecology, science, math, and conservation of natural resources through meaningful field lessons which help develop a student's understanding of the environment and how the parts fit together, as well as an appreciation of the natural world and their place in it.

Outdoor School Units
1.  Soil - Cave Ecology, Eco Geo
2.  Plants - National Forest Trees & Plantlife
3.  Water - Watershed, Stream Ecology, Pond Ecology, Hydropower
4.  Wildlife - Animal Adaptation, Skulls & Pelts, Fishing, Wildlife Investigations
5.  Outdoor Skills & Adventure Education - Initiative Games, Challenge Course, Teambuilding Activities, Skits

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Parkway Outdoor School Office - 314-415-7098
Program Coordinator - Ron Ramspott
Department Secretary - Majda Ikeljic