Fifth Grade Expectations


  • Students should commit one hour to homework every night
  • If your child does not have enough homework to fill the hour, we suggest they spend the remaining time reading a book of their choice
  • Students are expected to complete their assignments on time and to the best of their ability
  • If a student fails to complete an assignment, they will be issued a yellow homework slip
    • A parent's signature is required on the yellow slip
    • The student is to return the signed slip along with the completed assignment the following school day
    • All students who have not been issued a yellow homework slip will be given an extra recess on Friday
    • Students who received less than two homework slips in a four week period will participate in a popcorn/movie party at the end of the fourth week
    • The movie is selected by the fifth grade teachers and will be tied into the fifth grade curriculum


  • Respect self
  • Respect others
  • Respect learning
  • Respect property

Soaring Eagle Award Requirements:

  • Achieved a grade of A or B in all subject areas
  • Earned a S or O in all "citizenship skills" and "work and study habits" categories
  • Student demonstrates exemplary behavior in and out of the classroom
  • Student displays attention to detail and strives to succeed in all academic areas